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The emergence of DEFI and NFT is currently one of the most top digital phenomena. We, at Bholdus, are likewise riding the wave, intending to provide DEFI solutions to the world's financial concerns. Bholdus is a blockchain dedicated to non-fungible tokens and decentralized financial (DEFI) applications (NFTs). We aim to be a decentralized system that is safer, faster, and interoperable. Bholdus users will be able to obtain a DEFI solution by utilizing their NFT for collateral and credit score.

DEFI is without a doubt the technology that will revolutionize the world. People want to learn more about it and adopt it as soon as possible, and Bholdus wants to see that happen. We will quickly integrate DEFI into the real world and boost blockchain adoption. As a result, at Bholdus, we want to go borderless; we want to connect out to the entire community and enlighten them about DEFI and Bholdus, including you.

In order to make this vision a reality, Bholdus is pleased to announce that we have been teaming up with BSC Army to elevate blockchain marketing across several platforms through a concerted effort. BSC Army is the first decentralized autonomous organization on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for the social media industry. It is a community-centered project aimed at promoting the adoption of BSC and blockchain in general. They have a large number of influencer accounts with a large number of followers and reach.

If you're looking for information about DEFI and NFT on the internet, Bholdus and BSC Army are the best places to go. Bholdus' original and high-quality content can be found on BSC Army and its channel. Bholdus will make interesting DEFI content available to people like you! We hope that by partnering with BSC Army, we will be able to expand our community outreach and, at the end of the day, DeFi will be brought into the real world and become the world's solution.

Bholdus and BSC Army have done the AMA event together, if you miss it, please click the link below to watch it again! https://youtu.be/5C-qJKmC-Ug

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