Bholdus is a blockchain project that aims to digitize (NFT) assets of Southeast Asian SMEs to establish the groundwork for more open, transparent, and secure financial transactions. Currently, Bholdus is building blockchain solutions for regional multinational firms' capital management systems and distribution networks.

To achieve that goal, we are supported by a great team with their specific area of expertise. Today we proudly welcomed another expert in the group, Andree Pham, as our Vice President of Partnership. He is also one of the early backers in Bholdus. Andree holds a master of finance from the Switzerland Business School of Lausanne. Right now, Andree is Chief Financial Officer of Vietsin Commercial Complex Development JSC, a joint venture company between Saigon Co.op and Mapletree. Besides, he has been an early crypto investor since 2017 who is highly analytical and sensitive with numbers. His educational background and professional working experience assist him to have a great experience in the crypto space in various segments of digital asset classes and in-depth knowledge of different strategies when dealing with various digital asset investment funds around the world.

Talking about Andree's crypto journey, it all started when he was back in Vietnam and worked so hard to accomplish his 5-year career goal of being CFO in a multi-billion-dollar company, which he obtained within 3 years. Then in early 2017, when he visited his friend, he witnesses the 1st ETH mining VGA rig in his life that can provide the monthly earning to his friend of about $350 to 500$, ETH was about $11-13 at that point in time and it did not ring a bell in his head, even he did not think it was real. After he saw the 1st fiat that he could collect from mining through a complicated process, he saw this could be a game-changing in my life and the financial sector whereby the middle-man is not necessary to present. So, he spent most of his free time reading about blockchain tech, how to build a mining rig, and how to buy and store the coin. Then, he runs a mining farm with his friend with a total initial investment of about $150k. That was his 1st stake in the crypto space.

In the same year, he experienced difficulty as a newbie to buy and store the token. Thus, he has the same vision as Bholdus toward mass adoption with high performance at a relatively low fee. Andree stated based on Finder's survey, Vietnam is now considered the highest adopted country for crypto, but He still believes it was just in the early development stage. So being with Bholdus, He hopes he could help bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto

We are delighted to have Andree on our team. With him joining the team, we hope it will bring a big boost for Bholdus to be able to get listings and partners from all around the world.

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