Bholdus is a blockchain project aiming to digitize (NFT) assets of Southeast Asian SMEs, with the Mainnet expected to launch in Q1 2022 to connect Southeast Asian SMEs with financing opportunities from crypto investors. Loans are secured by a combination of crypto and NFTs that represent real-world audited assets. From Kambria's this project is highly valued for its goal of addressing the funding needs of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the benefit of having a strong and crypto-savvy community.

Bholdus intends to work closely with Kambria to organize various webinars, workshops, and hackathons to address various use cases in blockchain, digital currencies, and their applications. From there, both parties may gain mutual value by hiring top talent to scale up their respective organizations. In addition, Bholdus is also honored to be listed as Kambria's partner as one of the most recent and promising blockchain projects, allowing not only their partners, but also Kambria's community of developers, investors, corporations, stakeholders, and other parties to stay connected, dive deeper into project development, and find product-market fit as well as interesting opportunities for investment and commercialization.

Furthermore, Thuc Vu, CEO of Kambria, has a solid background in technology and great engineering networks at various universities around the world, which is a huge boost to this partnership. As a respectable company with such a large network with various crypto venture funds all over the world. Bholdus may collaborate closely with Kambria to co-develop ecosystem funding to support qualified SMEs and NFTs in South East Asia as a whole.

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