Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association (GDCA), a global self-regulatory association for the digital asset & cryptocurrency industry, announced today the partnership between the two development environments to lead the progression of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and the underlying blockchain technology within a regulatory framework designed to strengthen public trust, foster market integrity and maximize economic opportunity for all partakers.

The connection between GDCA and its broad-based membership including pot and derivative exchanges, proprietary trading firms, traders, investors, asset managers, brokerage firms, FCMs, custodians, decentralized technology organizations, banks, legal firms, audit firms, insurance professionals, academics, consultants, & media, allows companies to promptly amplify the impact in this industry through the best practices and highest professional and ethical standards provided by GDCA.

The digital economy is growing at breakneck speed as we are currently adopting digital technology into our everyday life. It can be seen from the transformation of online purchasing, online human connections, and growth in the online exchanges of businesses and data. This trend brings tremendous economic opportunities to the public, especially start-ups and SME companies. One of the biggest challenges that startups and SMEs face are to get lending through the current financing system. This is the time for decentralized Finance (DeFi) to take place and provide more support to their business.

In Bholdus we have an infrastructure to provide DeFi solutions to SMEs and startups. The community under Bholdus is allowed to store their assets in the digital world as NFTs for collaterals and credit scoring. With that, they can borrow on-chain against various collateralized assets managed by smart contracts under a decentralized system. The DeFi system is built on blockchain technology, which is one of the safest database systems compared with a centralized database. However, the roadblock for DeFi to be adapted in the real world is the knowledge gap that exists among the community where they may not understand the technology.

To bridge the knowledge gap in the community towards the digital economy, consistent efforts and reliable information are fundamental on the road to success. The collaborations between Bholdus and GDCA allows our community to build clarity on our services through advocacy and engagement; build trust and see the opportunity to grow in their industry from the shoulder of a giant through the promotion of global standards, guidance, and best practices; and foster understanding and awareness through education and training of our industry, consumers and the general public.

With this in mind, we strongly believe that this partnership offers strong support in our business with its strength in the digital economy. It is a pleasure for us to collaborate with GDCA to help more start-ups, SME companies, and the public to understand decentralized finance systems and develop confidence in joining such an opportunity. This partnership will help us reach more people, help them to understand Bholdus, and increase their trust in helping them and their businesses grow.

Keep a lookout for upcoming events from Bholdus in collaboration with GDCA which will provide you many opportunities for your business.

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