As Binance's Gnosis Safe MultiSig is to be retired since September 1st and migrated to a new infrastructure site, Bholdus's fund resources from Private Sale and Early Bird shall be migrated to new wallet addresses accordingly. Details as below:

-Private sale:

Current Address: 0x865A2FA2b8a9955CAa097DFe757d9a65a54085AA

NEW Address: 0x4E07e9BF0c458d96b47a8aC1066496271799AadF

-Early Bird:

Current Address: 0x7C6b66248D2296B1f753bF3c9c6EDb736F7F319F

NEW Address: 0x03B4aA1C2d1F36Cad50168d5017E5161ca3496fF

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