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Welcome to Bholdus

Bholdus is a blockchain dedicated to DeFi apps and NFTs with unprecedented transaction throughput and security. We aim to be the bridge between real-world assets and the crypto space, bringing in the best of both worlds to solve some of the most critical problems faced by both crypto and traditional finance.


Bholdus Blockchain Network

Bholdus Blockchain Network is interoperable, cross chained with various digital asset economies and Defi Networks such as Binance, Ethereum, and Polkadot.

  • Bholdus uses NFTs to represent real-world assets for collaterals and credit scoring.

  • Users can borrow on-chain through many collaterals managed by smart contracts.

  • Participants use Bholdus token (BHO) to pay for transaction fees, to stake as validators and to be the part of Bholdus on-chain governance.

  • In addition, BHO allows owners to store values, generate yield, and participate in an open lending network.

  • BHO native stablecoins will be provided with low transaction fees and fast settlement.

Our mission

DeFi for the real world

Bholdus aims to connect Southeast Asian SMEs with financing opportunities from crypto investors, bridging the gap between real-world assets and financing needs with the DeFi space. For SME borrowers, Bholdus provides a variety of loans, which collateralized by a hybrid of crypto and NFTs representing real-world, audited assets. For the rapidly growing market of crypto investors, Bholdus allows them to stake their assets or earn interests securely via various sources, including lending for a stable income.

Defi for the real world

Bholdus Products and Services

Multiple digital asset Issuing System
Cross Chain Network
Decentralised Exchange
Other DApps

For full roadmap please refer to our Whitepaper.

2021 Road Map

Jan 2021
  • R&D in blockchain networks, Cefi, Defi, Security

May 2021
  • Whitepaper version 1.0

Jun 2021
  • Publish website

  • Launch Bholdus Testnet

Jul 2021
  • Mobile wallet integration

  • Testnet: Digital Assets

  • Private sales

Aug 2021
  • Testnet: Private Staking (native assets)

  • Public sales

Sep 2021
  • Testnet: Cross-chain BSC/Ethereum

  • BHO Exchange Listing

Oct 2021
  • Testnet: Staking BEP20

Nov 2021
  • Pentest (Penetration Testing)

  • Security Audit

  • Masternodes Alpha

Dec 2021
  • Launch Mainnet


Ronald Le
Founder/ Chief Executive Officer
Serial-Tech Entrepreneur. Fintech business leader. Founded Hawking, Polariis, Chino-Rino Visual Lab
Nhat Phan
Vietnam CEO, Global Chief Growth Officer
Financial/Investment Advisor. Co-founder VNbot - Capital Management System. Experienced in CryptoCurrency, Social Media, Game Online MMORPG
Entrepreneur; Edtech leader; Fintech strategist. Experienced in strategy, planning, process innovation. Built highly scalable operations and teams across multiple markets.
Duong Le
Core Dev
Co-founded Hawking Network, Snr AI engineer, co-founded Guu, Polariis. Experienced in building tech products from scratch

Board of Advisors

Ramon Tisaire
US Chief Strategy Partner
Extensive experience as Executive, C-Level Advisor and Entrepreneur. Fintech connector. University of Chicago Global Advisory Board member.
Becky Vo
Advisory Board Member
CO SAL4 AP Regional Director Bosch BT
Eric Mboma
Bholdus' Representative, Africa
Master degree; Harvard University, 20 years experience in senior executive positions across America, Europe, Asia and Africa markets.
Chief Legal Advisor
Secretary General at FICAC (World Federation of Consuls). Honorary Consul General for Finland in HCMC. Deep expertise and experience in international law and business management, consulting
Brent Hovland
Advisor, North America Market
GM of DISH Business, SME entrepreneur, and University of Chicago Booth MBA
Hoang Duc Trung
Strategic Advisor
Veteran venture capitalist Over 25 years of experience in business consultancy, corporate operations, and venture capital in Southeast Asia and Silicon Valley (with DFJV)
Duong Vi Khoa
Advisor, Vietnam Market
Experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working 10 years in the computer games industry. Skilled in Strategic Planning, Business Development Strategy, Crisis Management, Social Media, eSports Events.

Engineering & Design

Nhi Tran
Backend Developer
5-year experience in Backend Developer Singapore
Khoa Nguyen
Fullstack Developer
Top 5 CS graduate, University of Science
Dung Lam
Fullstack Developer
Top 1 CS graduate, University of Science
Vinh Nguyen
Fullstack Developer
Top 5 CS graduate, University of Science
Hai Vu
UI/UX Designer
Design Manager at Eco Mobie
Thomas Nguyen
UI/UX Designer
UI/UX Designer at Etsy Research Assistant at Parson School of Design. US

Compliance & Internal Control

Toan Nguyen
Legal Manager
Qualified lawyer with more than 8 years practicing law
Tho Nguyen
Finance & Internal Control Manager
Finance manager with 8 years experience in banking and investment. Master in Finance & Accounting, UK

Community & Marketing Communication

Ha Tran
Head of Communication
Entrepreneur. Specialised in Human Behavior & Psychology; Formerly Top50 Amazon Ecommerce Merchant based in Australia
Global Director of Growth
10 years of Martech/Digital Transformation. Experienced in Technology, Telco, Media Groups in Vietnam and Asia
Larry Nghiem
Communication Manager
MS, Data Science & Analytics; 8 years of experience in IT industry
Director of Brand Communications
8 years of Marketing Communications for Technology, Finance and FMCG industries in Indochina




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